How to make a sphere out of Supraballs


is a magnetic toy consisted of 216 small magnetic spheres.  These magnets are made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron to form a material that is the strongest known type of permanent magnet, holding up to 1000 times its own weight. They can be pulled, twisted, shaped, and snapped together into literally millions of different ways. Let’s see how to make a sphere out of supraballs.


  • Form a single strand of balls.

  • Break off nine balls, and attach the two ends to form a ring.

  • Transform the ring into a triangle. Pinch three of the balls in the circle together with your thumb and forefinger, forming a point. The circle now looks like a teardrop. Holding the point in place, push the rounded end of the teardrop inward, forming two new points. This completes the triangle.

  • Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have 20 triangles. This will not require the entire strand of balls.

  • Select five triangles. Snap a pointed end of each triangle together. Use the pointed ends that attract (not repel) one another. The sides will naturally snap together, and the resulting shape will look like a hexagon with one side missing.

  • Close the gap in the hexagon by joining the sides of the two triangles that are unconnected. This forms a three-dimensional figure that looks like a raised pentagon.

  • Select five more triangles. Snap a flat side of each triangle to a flat side on the perimeter of the pentagon shape you made in Steps 4 and 5. Use the flat sides that attract rather than repel. The resulting shape should look like a five-pointed flower.

  • Repeat Steps 5 through 6 to form a second flower-like shape.

  • Intertwine the “petals” on both flowers to make a sphere. Do this by snapping a petal from one flower between two petals of another flower, continuing around until all the petals are interlocked.

      Like buckyballs and neocube, the famous magnetic balls toy, Supraballs are the perfect office toy or Christmas gift, stimulating both hemispheres of the brain for the receiver. Not only SupraBalls are an insanely brilliant toy, but they are a great replacement for the stress reliever ball.

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