Big saving for Blue Bucky balls magnets balls, Blue set and extra mini set

Buy Blue Supraballs ( same as Buckyballs) from Supramagnets, you can get the 6 by 6 by 6 cube (216 spheres)
and an extra Supraballs Mini. Create anything you could with the Supraballs magnets and more!

Only $36.99 , you are saving about $10!

3mm origin and blue ball magnets buckyballsFor Blue Supraballs ( Buckyballs)

1) NdFeB Magnet
Grade N35
Density 7.5g/cm³
Remanence/Br 1.17-1.22T
bHc 836-891kA/m
jHc 955kA/m
Max Energy/BH 263-279kJ/m³
2) Mechanical
Quantity 216PCS
Coating Blue plating
Size D-5mm
Weight 0.75g
3) Environmental
Working Temp. 80°C



For Supraballs mini ( mini Buckyballs)
Supraballs mini:
Material: NdFeB magnet
Color: Nickle
Coating: Nickle