• How to make a Buckyballs Sierpinski Pyramid

    Here you will need 2052 Buckyballs to make this Sierpinski Pyramid. There will be some difficult, follow this video to find the fun with these magnet balls.

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  • Supraballs vs Buckyballs

    Supraballs vs Buckyballs?
    Buckyballs is already established on market very well but it seems like the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s decision will end the Buckyball’s run as everyone’s favorite desk toy. Supraballs is from Supramagnets.com. It is a new player for this type of magnet toy. Bucky Balls Magnetic Building Sphere Toy
    Buying supraballs
    one set of supraballs which original price is $24.6 USD.
    Ordering process on this site for us was very easy. It is very easy to use the discount code 2buckyballs if you buy two sets, so you reduce the price to only $19.6 USD/set. You can chose payment through paypal or 2checkout with free shipping.

    Coating Supraballs vs BuckyBalls
    Both balls are made in China with neodymium material and excelent nickel coating. Their surface is protected by shiny resilient surface with anti-bacterial properties. Coating of the neodymium magnet is very important for their protection.

    Spheres size of neocube vs BuckyBalls
    Supraballs and Buckyballs spheres size is all exactly 5mm. The size of the balls is very important more bigger size offer you more easy to manipulate with the magnet spheres and make more easy some nice shape.

    So you are waiting to get a alternatives as BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres for this magnetic puzzle? Maybe Supraballs is your good choice…

  • Bucky balls black edition 216 pcs magnets balls on SupraMagnets

    Black Buckyballs cube

    Bucky balls Black edition 216pcs magnetic balls on sale!

    You can’t find these cheap Bucky balls black balls with best quality elsewhere.
    This edition of Bucky balls features 216 black neo-magnet balls. This is the desktop toy you can’t put down.
    These powerful rare earth magnets can be shaped, molded, torn apart and snapped together in UNLIMITED WAYS. Make sculptures, puzzles, patterns, shapes, stick stuff to the fridge, and invent a new game – trying to find something more useful is useless.
    Small size is not an issue because they are hard (for adults or at least school age kids) to find! I like the black ones better than the skinny silver ones.

    • 100% Brand new and high quality
    • Colour: Black Nickel
    • Diameter of ball: 5 mm each ball
    • Made of 216pcs strong magnetic NdFeB balls (NdFeB is a permanent-magnet
    • technology)
    • Can make any image as long as you can think it.
    • Can be used an educational tool for children; Also a good gift for friend

    Package Included:

    * 1x 216pcs neo cube magnetic balls?
    * 1x steel box

    The amazing magnetic toy you can’t put down!!

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  • Bucky balls magnetic building sphere toys on Supramagnets – Buy now!

    Bucky Balls Magnetic Building Sphere Toy

    Bucky balls magnetic building sphere toys

    It’s a toy, a stress reliever, and a super-strong magnet.
    Super powerful, rare earth, and magnetic balls for you to play with
    Make sculptures, puzzles, patterns, shapes, jewelry, etc. Joy is Endless.
    Simply use them as small but strong magnets for displaying photos or holding papers
    Construct an endless variety of shapes with the 216 included buckyballs
    Helps enhance creativity and dexterity
    Makes a wonderful unique gift and educational aid for Sophisticated, Artistic, Gamers, Intellects etc.

    Package Included:

    * 1x 216pcs neo cube magnetic balls
    * 1x steel box

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  • High-precision automotive magnetic position sensor is immune to stray magnetic fields (AS5161-HSOP-500)

    AMS is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog ICs.
    The AMS AS5161 is a contactless Hall-based automotive magnetic position sensor designed for accurate angular measurement over a full 360 degree turn. A sub-range can be programmed to achieve the best output characteristic for the application. A simple diametrical 2-pole magnet rotating on the centre of the IC is required. The magnet may be placed above or below the IC.



    The AS5161 is a compact integrated solution which provides the absolute angle measurement with a resolution of 0.09 degrees over a full revolution as PWM output signal. The internal 14-bit core of the AS5161 enables a new programming of the start and stop positions with a resolution of 0.02 degrees to allow the finest system mechanical adjustments. High level of flexibility is assured by the programmability through the UART interface shared with the output pin, to reduce the number of pins in the application. The angular output data can be linearized in the final production to further increase the precision of the measurement. With embedded over-voltage protection and reverse battery protection, the AS5161 can fulfil the most demanding automotive safety standards.

    Typical applications include transmission gearbox position sensors, valve position sensing, contactless potentiometers and chassis ride height control.