High-precision automotive magnetic position sensor is immune to stray magnetic fields (AS5161-HSOP-500)

AMS is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog ICs.
The AMS AS5161 is a contactless Hall-based automotive magnetic position sensor designed for accurate angular measurement over a full 360 degree turn. A sub-range can be programmed to achieve the best output characteristic for the application. A simple diametrical 2-pole magnet rotating on the centre of the IC is required. The magnet may be placed above or below the IC.



The AS5161 is a compact integrated solution which provides the absolute angle measurement with a resolution of 0.09 degrees over a full revolution as PWM output signal. The internal 14-bit core of the AS5161 enables a new programming of the start and stop positions with a resolution of 0.02 degrees to allow the finest system mechanical adjustments. High level of flexibility is assured by the programmability through the UART interface shared with the output pin, to reduce the number of pins in the application. The angular output data can be linearized in the final production to further increase the precision of the measurement. With embedded over-voltage protection and reverse battery protection, the AS5161 can fulfil the most demanding automotive safety standards.

Typical applications include transmission gearbox position sensors, valve position sensing, contactless potentiometers and chassis ride height control.