Supraballs vs Buckyballs

Supraballs vs Buckyballs?
Buckyballs is already established on market very well but it seems like the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s decision will end the Buckyball’s run as everyone’s favorite desk toy. Supraballs is from It is a new player for this type of magnet toy. Bucky Balls Magnetic Building Sphere Toy
Buying supraballs
one set of supraballs which original price is $24.6 USD.
Ordering process on this site for us was very easy. It is very easy to use the discount code 2buckyballs if you buy two sets, so you reduce the price to only $19.6 USD/set. You can chose payment through paypal or 2checkout with free shipping.

Coating Supraballs vs BuckyBalls
Both balls are made in China with neodymium material and excelent nickel coating. Their surface is protected by shiny resilient surface with anti-bacterial properties. Coating of the neodymium magnet is very important for their protection.

Spheres size of neocube vs BuckyBalls
Supraballs and Buckyballs spheres size is all exactly 5mm. The size of the balls is very important more bigger size offer you more easy to manipulate with the magnet spheres and make more easy some nice shape.

So you are waiting to get a alternatives as BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres for this magnetic puzzle? Maybe Supraballs is your good choice…

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