• How to make shapes with 3mm mini Buckyballs Neocube

    The mini edition of Bucky balls (Neo cube) consists of 216 Super powerful Neodymium rare earth magnets (single grain magnetic ball 3 mm in diameter) that will stimulate the creative juices in your brain.
    The balls can be composed of countless shapes, some of them you may not know how to call it. Because you will be the one who created it. Through the Amazing Balls, you can simply increase your intuitive of geometry and mathematics. You can use Amazing Balls as an educational tool combine the textbook to learning. Then you can get a better understanding of the geometry theoretical and practical knowledge.

    Keep Away From Children Under 3 Years Old!
    Do not put in nose or mouth.
    Swallowed magnets can stick to intestines causing serious injury or death.
    Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.