Uses of Neodymium Magnets from Supramagnets

Neodymium magnets (Nd-Fe-B) are composed of neodymium, iron, boron and a few transition metals, also known as NdFeB, NIB, or Neo magnet), the most widely used type of rare-earth magnet. Developed in 1982 by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals, neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet made. They have replaced other types of magnet in the many applications in modern products that require strong permanent magnets.

Here is just some of the uses that we know our neodymium magnets have been put to:

  • Repairing my fridge seal. Put a couple in-side the plastic of the seal and it holds the
    door shut beautifully
  • Experimenting with cathode ray tubes
    (TV’s and computer monitors)
  • Hold directions to my motorbike petrol tank
    so they don’t come off at speed
  • Removing parts from a punch press,
  • Cleaning up debris in a machining work-shop
  • Hanging wet clothes to tent poles or parts
    of a caravan
  • Levitation
  • Tie clip
  • Violin mute. Put small discs on each side
    of the bridge to add mass and quiet the
  • Slot car traction
  • Holding down a car cover
  • Pulling dents out of vehicles.
  • Attaching tracking devices to motor vehi-cles
  • Jewellery clasps
  • Hanging fairy lights
  • Re-magnetising alnico (Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt) magnets.
  • Hanging tapestries in a warehouse.
  • Magic illusion tricks
  • With 1 magnet and a ball bearing I remove
    dents from brass musical instruments.
  • Holding all the lathe tools to the lathe
  • Magnetic stirring device
  • Bike light generator
  • Christmas presents
  • Wind power alternator
  • Alleviate joint pain – magnetic therapy
  • Hold a small vice down
  • Welding
  • Picking up nails/screws/needles
  • School projects and demonstrations
  • Hold lines and tape on steel boat hull.
  • Collecting nails or bits of barbed wire from
  • Oil filter in my motorbike
  • Guitar pickups
  • Attaching tools securely to my car
  • Holding the roof down on my shed
  • Holding safety shield on machine tools
  • Holding trailer lights on towed vehicle.
  • Picking keys out of storm drains
  • Retrieving an antique shotgun from a well.
  • Treasure hunting
  • Loudspeakers
  • Cleaning up the oil in go-cart racing en-gines. Glue them inside!
  • Used to create great ear, nose, lip rings
    and therefore avoid piercing.
  • Car Top advertising signs
  • Stud finder in walls
  • Holding vehicle number plates to the car
  • Holding sheet metal together for welding
  • Dampening for seismograph
  • Door latches on a tree-house
  • Hold down a tarpaulin
  • Hanging tools in sheds and garages
  • Door catches for cupboards and ward-robes.
  • Cleaning fish tank glass from the outside
  • Holding a set of house keys securely in a
  • For the darkroom: to secure metal devel-oping tank parts, reels, etc. To lock down
    metal wash tank doors instead of sticky
    bolt locks.
  • Motor experiments
  • Water Conditioning
  • Magic tricks
  • Erasing tapes
  • Remove metal debris from a well
  • Homemade alternator
  • Movement of paramagnetic beads for bio-medical applications
  • Erasing credit card data
  • Erasing hotel door key cards
  • Cleaning plastics granulate for moulding.
  • Holding a vehicle glove box closed
  • Finger Print collection and processing
  • Shirt fastenings instead of buttons or studs
  • Holding curtains to a caravan
  • Holding curtains to a narrowboat
  • Geocaching
  • Door closures for high end furniture
  • Swarf removal from converyor belts
  • Cleaning fish tanks

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