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    Buy Blue Supraballs ( same as Buckyballs) from Supramagnets, you can get the 6 by 6 by 6 cube (216 spheres)
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    3mm origin and blue ball magnets buckyballsFor Blue Supraballs ( Buckyballs)

    1) NdFeB Magnet
    Grade N35
    Density 7.5g/cm³
    Remanence/Br 1.17-1.22T
    bHc 836-891kA/m
    jHc 955kA/m
    Max Energy/BH 263-279kJ/m³
    2) Mechanical
    Quantity 216PCS
    Coating Blue plating
    Size D-5mm
    Weight 0.75g
    3) Environmental
    Working Temp. 80°C



    For Supraballs mini ( mini Buckyballs)
    Supraballs mini:
    Material: NdFeB magnet
    Color: Nickle
    Coating: Nickle

  • Supramagnets: How to make a cube with bucky balls?

    Supramagnets: How to make a cube with bucky balls?

    a ball of buckyballs magnets
    get a line
    get the line
    Pull all 216 of your Buckyballs into a straight line.
    fold it
    Count 36 ball in and fold so that each ball lines up perfectly with it’s neighbor.
    Now turn the chain the other way and zip it down again. Do it 3 more times, and the shape you’re left with is a sheet of Buckyballs 6 x 36.
    Count six balls in and fold the sheet, lining up the balls just like you did when it was a chain you were folding.
    Now fold the other way. Three more folds and you’ll have made the cube. There’s not a trick to it really, but be careful; one wrong move and you could be starting over. Buckyballs are like that.