• How to Make a Cube out of 125 Supraballs

    Sidekick edition of buckyballs has 125 ball magnets in the box.

    Do you know how to make a cube with these 125 pcs spheres magnets?
    Here let’s show the basic way:
    buckyballs magnets 125
    Step 1 – Pull all 125 of your Buckyballs into a straight line.
    Step 2 – Count 25 ball in and fold so that each ball lines up perfectly with it’s neighbor.
    Step 3 – Now turn the chain the other way and zip it down again. Do it 2 more times, and the shape you’re left with is a sheet of Buckyballs 5 x 25.
    Step 4 – Count five balls in and fold the sheet, lining up the balls just like you did when it was a chain you were folding.
    Step 5 – Now fold the other way. Two more folds and you’ll have made the cube. There’s not a trick to it really, but be careful; one wrong move and you could be starting over. Buckyballs are like that.

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